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Muffin Top

October 8, 2011

Just kidding. I don’t have a muffin top.

But I ate quite a few of them. And muffin bottoms, too.

Using a recipe for Cinnamon Muffins I found at Eat Yourself Skinny, I decided to make some pumpkin-filled muffins last weekend. Low-fat, not-low-in-sugar, still-pretty-delicious pumpkin-filled muffins.

(My substitutions were using real sugar instead of Splenda and 2 T of melted butter and 2 T non-fat yogurt instead of 1/4 c vegetable oil.)

I decided to fill them with pumpkin custard, which I made by mixing the following two ingredients:

That would be the pumpkin butter I made the week before, and– egads!– a custard mix by Jell-O (the preservatives! the chemicals! #@^&$@%!).

I cooked the custard according to package directions and then whisked in about 3 tablespoons of pumpkin butter right before I removed it from the heat.

And then I had to cover it and stick it in the fridge before I ate it all.

I’ve never tried to make muffins or cupcakes filled with anything, but my mom usually fills cupcakes by cutting a whole after they’re baked and then ices over the cut part. But since I was making muffins, I really couldn’t use icing as a cover-up.

Decisions, decisions.

So I decided to bake an experimental muffin with the custard baked into it, just to see how things went. If things went well, I’d make the rest of the batch. If not, back to the drawing board, and back to another experimental muffin (which I would also have to taste-test… what a terrible job that is 🙂 ).

The muffin came out pretty well, and it tasted delicious. It’s low-fat, so it’s not crazy moist and buttery like you’d get from, well, using a ton of butter. But it did the trick, and my other taste-testers didn’t have any complaints.

How to make pumpkin-filled cinnamon muffins:

  1. Mix together the muffin batter according to the directions at Eat Yourself Skinny (using my substitutions or just keeping the recipe as is).
  2. Cook custard or vanilla pudding according to package directions, and whisk in 3 T of pumpkin butter just before removing from heat (you make be able to use instant pudding, but the heat from cooking helps incorporate the pumpkin butter better).
  3. Line a muffin/cupcake pan with liners and fill with the muffin batter.
  4. Fill a Ziploc (or a pastry bag, if you’re fancy like that) with the pumpkin custard and cut a VERY small hole in the corner. To fill the muffins, place the tip with the hole about 1/4″ into the muffin batter and squeeze! There isn’t a right amount of filling– just however much filling you want.
  5. Bake according to muffin directions.

Enjoy! I’m off to grab some Mongolian BBQ for dinner, then I’m heading out to The Edison (a really cool bar downtown that used to be a power plant back in the day) with a group of friends.

Happy Saturday!

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