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How to Heal a Hangover

October 7, 2011

25 isn’t old. Actually, it’s rather on the young side (as one of my co-workers said on my birthday, “I have shirts older than you.”).

It is, however, the age where I started waking up with pounding headaches from 3 glasses of wine (oh how far I’ve strayed from my college self… not that that’s a bad thing *coughcoughfivedoublesintwohourscoughcough*).

And rather than sit on my couch with a burger (which is what I really wanted to do), I met up with a friend for brunch at Urth Caffe and went on a hike. (If you haven’t noticed from before, I’m a pretty big fan of sweating off hangovers– I promise it works.)

At Urth, my friend JC convinced me to try something called a Green Tea Bebero. It’s basically espresso mixed with green tea with sweetened condensed milk on the bottom.

JC suggested I try just the green tea and espresso part before mixing in the condensed milk… and it tasted like dirt. Hot dirt, in fact. But once you mix in the condensed milk, it tastes just like it’s described– espresso, a healthy dose of green tea, and sweetened milk. Delicious. There was also an egg white/tomato/avocado sandwich involved that made it into my mouth before it made it into a photo. SorryI’mnotsorry?

Afterward, we drove out to Malibu and I sweat out the 3 glasses of wine.

Having lived in LA for over 2 years, it’s pretty sad that this was my first time in Malibu.

We hiked through a trail next to a seafood shack that smelled like seafood, fried things, and dreams. But I turned away from the prospect of a basket of fried shrimp and headed up the trail.


This is me putting on my “No really, I feel fine” face that was taken later near Topanga Canyon, but it seems as good a time as any to stick in a photo of myself.

I love hiking through Runyon because of how close it is to my apartment– and because some of the trails are pretty challenging– but you don’t quite get views like these.


Someone left behind a souvenir, and this cricket decided to claim it.

After the hike, we headed down to the beach, because… well… why drive all the way to Malibu and not actually walk onto the beach?


We came across this gigantic piece of sea…plant?

My shoe next to it for perspective. I jumped on it and it was a little squishy (and slippery… I’m surprised my clumsy butt didn’t slip and wipe out).


It was an awesome way to start my day, and I honestly felt no remnants of a hangover afterward (probably because it was only THREE GLASSES OF WINE).

And to end the day, I went to Oktoberfest and basically made all the same mistakes again.

Hey, sometimes it’s worth it.

But I think I’ll hydrate a little better next time.

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  1. October 8, 2011 12:54 pm

    Oh goodness.. there is no way I could hike hungover. You can barely get me to go hiking when I’m feelin’ good. The view looks awesome where you went and I love there’s a beach right there. The sea plant is huge! I would have been scared to go near it haha

    I have to drink a ton of water the day before drinking and that seems to help a lot. Although I’m an old timer now and haven’t really drank a lot in the last few years. I’ve moved on from beer to kombucha and sparkling water haha.

    • October 8, 2011 3:50 pm

      I need to remember to drink more water next time. I say I’m going to every time… and then I don’t. And yeah, the sea plant was kind of creepy– if things like that live in the ocean… that’s even more reason for me to never step foot in the Pacific (other than the fact that it’s always freezing)!

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