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Tip ‘O the Hat to You, Mate!

September 29, 2011

When I was in London a couple of weeks ago, I became a huge fan of scones with clotted cream and jam. Clotted cream is a bit like butter, only creamier. But it’s not something you’ll find in your average American grocery store, so I kind of gave up on looking for it when I came home.

Until I watched Barefoot Contessa the other day, that is. A viewer had written in asking for a near likeness to clotted cream, and much to my delight, Ina Garten said there was something in most grocery stores that was just like it.

MASCARPONE! (pronounced mascarpon-ay, according to Ina and double-checked in the dictionary).

I whipped up some vanilla scones from a recipe I found on Peas and Thank You, except I replaced the 1/2 c butter with 1/4 c butter and 1/4 c nonfat plain yogurt.

To my supreme disappointment, Trader Joes has barely brought in any fall food! I walked in the other day to find nary a jar of pumpkin butter.

So what does one do when one can’t buy pumpkin butter?

One makes pumpkin butter.

Eat Yourself Skinny has a great, simple recipe. It doesn’t have any kind of preservatives though, so I’ll have to be sure to use it up within a week.

What a terrible task that is. 😀

It’s a bit carb-y for breakfast, but it’s what I was in the mood for this morning.

Now all I need is a cuppa tea, a little sugar, and a splash of milk. Cheers!


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