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The Time I Fed a Child Beer and Whisky

September 23, 2011

Yeah, I thought that title would catch your attention.

Yesterday, after doing homework with Mia at Starbucks and braving a torrential downpour on the way home (Florida’s really the Sunshine State? Are you sure?), I got to working on a very boozy dinner.

This time I had my 90’s playlist going, starting with a little Spin Doctors.

And before you start calling Child Protective Services (or my mother), no, I didn’t actually give my 10 year old sister a bottle of Jack as a reward for finishing her homework.

But I did cook with it. And the beer.

Three beers, actually.

Blame it on the mouth-watering recipe I found for maple, bourbon and pear sauce from my new cookbook and beer-soaked fries from The Edible Perspective.

To make the beer-soaked fries, I… well… soaked some raw potatoes in beer.

Meanwhile, this conversation happened:

Mia: It smells like alcohol in here.

Me: It’s the beer fries. Can you think of a better flavor for fries?!

Mia: Yeah, regular fries.

Oh, ye child who knows so little.

15 minutes later, my playlist was somewhere around here…

And I drained the fries of starchy, cloudy-looking beer (otherwise I would’ve drank it all) and tossed them with olive oil.

Once spread out in the pan, I lightly dusted them with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. I may have gotten a bit too sprinkle-happy with the pepper, because Simon said they had “a bit of a kick.” But then again, he can detect pepper like a princess can detect a pea under her mattress. So maybe disregard that.

Meanwhile, I tossed the trimmed green beans in a bit of olive oil as well. Once spread out on the pan, they got a dusting of salt and pepper and cozied up with some roughly-chopped garlic.

Next up: Mighty Mighty Bosstones…

… and zee sauce.

I started things off by browning some bird.

And before you gasp at the amount of oil at the bottom, most of that is liquid that escaped the cooking poultry. There’s only a small pour of olive oil at the bottom.

After the chicken had browned, I cooked some thinly-sliced pear until it was soft and brown.

Then came the fun part: deglazing the pan with some Jack.

If you don’t know what deglazing is, it’s basically pouring in some kind of booze that loosens up all the brown bits that are on the bottom of the pan. It brings extra flavor into the sauce. I’m a big fan of putting booze in sauce. Or in anything really– but especially sauce.

It was my first time cooking with bourbon, and it stings the nose a bit. From the other side of the kitchen, my mother declared that she was getting buzzed from the fumes. They were some strong fumes.

Once everyone came over, the serving began.

Beer fries, roasted green beans, and chicken with maple, bourbon, and pear sauce.

On fancy china Chinette.

The dinner party, minus me (who you don’t get to see, because I had no makeup on and had rain-hair and yes I’m just that vain).

Clockwise from bottom left: Selena (mom), Mia, Simon (dad), Abuela Norma, Alex (brother), Anna (my bestie since high school), the empty seat where I was, and William (step-dad).

Notice all the empty plates.

To get the recipe for the beer-soaked fries, visit Ashley’s blog at The Edible Perspective.

To get the recipe for the maple, bourbon, and pear sauce, you can pick up the book here. I looked up the recipe online, but it’s not available. 😦

To roast the green beans, I just stuck them in the oven at 425 degrees (since that’s what the potatoes called for) for about 15 minutes.

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