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Soap Boxes that Race, Trucks that Cook

May 24, 2011

Work has been NUTS lately, and I had to work through most of the weekend. Come Monday, things just got worse, stress-wise.

But in between the stress, the piles of work, and the occasional eye-twitches, I had a soap box race and a pretty outstanding food truck to spice up an otherwise pretty crappy last few days.

I got to spend part of Saturday at the Red Bull Soap Box Derby downtown…

Adam Corolla was on of the contestants! He rode in a soap box shaped like a hot dog, and he ended up flipping over. He was okay though, minus a pretty huge gash on his arm.

Who knew soap box racing was so hard core?

I was really impressed with the cars in the race. A lot of the teams who built them were engineers, and it looked like they put a lot of time and work into them.

A few of them were pretty hilarious, too.

There was one that was shaped like an Angry Bird:

And Hannibal smoking a cigar as he cruised in the A-Team-mobile…

And the team that called themselves “The Justin Beavers.”

Oh wait… you can only see the underside of their car. Don’t worry, though, they were fine. They ended up finishing the race, but they had to pretty much drag their car through the rest!

One of the first cars was the Laker Fanwagon, which ended up winning the race (more like the Laker Bandwagon? I kid, I kid… 🙂 ) The driver and the people riding in the back were all wearing helmets that looked like different Lakers players. Here are a couple on their walk back…

On Monday, the Flatiron Truck came by our office. One of the editors on our show is married to the owner, so they made a special trip to our building.

The Flatiron Truck is pretty cool because they concentrate on the whole farm-to-table concept. They work with local farmers and use really good ingredients.

The menu:

It was like I got a fancy steakhouse meal for way cheaper and in a portion that’s a little more lunch-friendly. I ended up getting the Flatiron, which was steak, potatoes, and a spinach and arugula with a light citrus dressing. The dressing actually reminded me of mojo.

I’ve also had a taste of their pork burger and their grilled doughnuts with spiced creme fraiche. I’d recommend either just as easily!

Keep an eye out for another killer Erika ab workout. It’s coming in a couple of days.

And… my mom and my little sister are coming in town this weekend!

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  1. May 25, 2011 10:34 pm

    I saw them setting up the soapbox thing on Friday! Also, that truck looks so delicious! I will need to track that down.

  2. May 26, 2011 9:23 pm

    I saw the Redbull races when they were here and it was a lot of fun! The best was a guy dressed up as Daisy Duke and his car was a really badly made version of the general lee. Haha!

    That food truck looks really amazing! We don’t have anything like that where I live unfortunately :[

    • May 31, 2011 1:14 pm

      They had a General Lee car this year too! But it wrecked 😦

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