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Beach Day. All Day.

May 2, 2011

My room mate Joanna and I attended a Royal Wedding/Princess Party on Friday night. I decided to go old school, while Jo took the post-modern approach.

Then on Saturday, Shamus and I spent the entire day at Manhattan Beach.

I think I want to grow up to be a beach bum. Every time I head to the beach, I want to move there for good. One of these days, I tell you.

I started the day off with a peanut butter sandwich, but Shamus grabbed a bagel sandwich from Noah’s Bagels. The guy behind the counter didn’t believe I was okay not ordering anything, so he insisted on giving us a fruit and nut bagel… log?… for free. I couldn’t refuse it, naturally.

So I munched on it throughout the day.

The rest of the essentials: sun protection for body, hair, and face, a big water bottle, and The Mental_Floss History of the World. I’m a bit of a knowledge junkie, and this book is great– it’s as if a comedian wrote a  history book. It’s clever and really engaging. I’m hooked!

Shamus was not okay with taking photos. Poor sport!!

But I made him take a picture of me anyway. Thanks, Shamus! 😀

Joanna and her boyfriend Ray met up with us, and Joanna ensure Ray’s lips didn’t get burned by using her giant tube of strawberry LipSmackers. Ray definitely appreciated the consideration.

Joanna lent Shamus her fedora so we’d match for a photo. He’s totally faking that smile. He’s actually a little miffed.

A guy dug a huge hole and played with kids all day, leaving his friends behind. Kind of weird, kind of funny.

The beach got pretty crowded as the day went on, but we got there early enough for prime real estate– right by the pier, and the perfect combination of warm, dry sand and proximity to the water.

A view of the pier after lettuce wraps at Brewco and a cookies and cream cone from Manhattan Creamery. The picture would’ve come out clearer if my camera lense wasn’t covered in sunscreen. Oops.

Chris and I worked on another food photography project this past weekend, so keep an eye out for it this week!

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  1. May 3, 2011 11:25 am

    I Love Manhattan Beach! I’ve only been there once but I remember there being cute shops etc. Plus, it doesn’t smell like Santa Monica does (ick!)

    Also loving the princess hats! Very English to wear a hat while watching the royal wedding!

    • May 4, 2011 9:36 pm

      Yes! The cute shops, restaurants, and bars makes you forget that you’re right next to the craziness of L.A. It’s kind of like a sleepy beach town. 🙂

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