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How to Maintain and Give Up (Almost) Nothing

March 9, 2011

Oh, remember me? I used to post here. Lots of things have changed in the past couple of months, some of which have kept me from doing much outside of work, working out, and spending time with friends. So here’s a list in bullet form of my life, to keep things short and sweet:

  • My LASIK surgery came and went, and I now see better than 20/20.
  • I got a promotion at work, which now makes me an Associate Producer (up from being an assistant with a little casting work on the side).
  • Our show premiered to record ratings on its network.
  • My previously high cholesterol is now under control, thanks to some Omega 3 supplements and further monitoring of any saturated fat intake.
  • I registered for another mud race in April– the Warrior Dash! It’s in Lake Elsinore on April 3rd. So I’m upping my cardio and concentrating on strength training in the mean time.

Today, since my schedule makes me choose between having a life/going to the gym and seeing the inside of my kitchen– and my kitchen’s recently lost out– I thought I’d show how I maintain the my weight while enjoying some serious indulgences.

Recently, there was a food truck festival downtown at Union Station, featuring over 20 food trucks.

Me at the Truck It! food truck festival. This is how I smile pretty.

If you’ve read my post on food trucks before, you know how much I love them. But healthwise, they aren’t always the best choices. So here’s how I deal with splurges and weight maintenance.

1. Front load your day with exercise. I started my day off with a hike through Runyon Canyon.

Shades? Check. iPod? Check. Sunscreen? Double check. Not ready to take a picture? Triple check.

Pretty cloudy, but still a cool view.

2. Keep your pre-splurge food light, but don’t completely skip eating before. I had an apple with my coffee to hold me over ’til the food truck fest.

3. Don’t splurge late. It’s better if you give your body some time to use all that “energy” you’re putting into it. The food truck fest was pretty much a late lunch (although I was still more than full through dinner time).

4. Enjoy yourself, and make your splurges things that are either not always available to you or are things you really, really love. Here’s what we had (all split between the two of us, except for the ice cream and cookie… that was ALL ME 🙂 )

A "dosa." An Indian crepe with spinach, paneer (cheese), and curried potatoes.

Arancini Siciliana. A breaded rice ball topped with meat sauce and peas.

Lobster sushi burrito. Lobster, crab, cucumber, and eel sauce with rice.

La pièce de résistance. Egg nog ice cream with toffee bits sandwiched between two warm snickerdoodle cookies.

5. Start the next day with a light but healthy, protein-heavy breakfast. I had non-fat Greek yogurt with some sliced almonds, blueberries, and about a teaspoon of honey.

A few things to remember, though. When I say to eat light before (and after, too), you shouldn’t be starving yourself. Starving yourself all day so you can stuff your face at one point is considered bingeing. Keep it light before and eat only if you’re hungry. Enjoy yourself when it’s time to enjoy yourself, and eat a little something later if you’re hungry. If dinner time rolls around and you’re still not hungry, don’t eat dinner. Eat something light, like a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit. Also, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. You’d be surprised at how often you feel hungry, then drink a little water, and find out it was thirst disguised as hunger.

Losing weight requires some sacrifices, but once you reach your goal weight, you should be able to enjoy an indulgence here and there. It just requires moderation and exercise– and you’ll get the hang of the moderation part only through trial and error.

Sidenote: We actually rode the subway downtown! Most people don’t know that LA has its very own subway system, but we certainly do. It just doesn’t take you very many places. I’ve lived in LA for a little over a year and a half, and this made for the third time I’ve ever taken the Metro.

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