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Race Day Recap

November 21, 2010

This morning was my 5k! I ran the Ameriprise HungeRun, which took place in Al Lopez Park back home in Tampa.

And I had to wear my glasses.

It really wasn’t that bad, though. No streams of tears down my face like my practice run in L.A. (it not being windy and 50-something degrees may have had something to do with it). My glasses got a little foggy after the race from my skin heating up so much, but that was about it.

For my pre-race breakfast, I kept it light with a KIND bar.

Then I went over to Al Lopez Park and met up with my friend MJ just before the start of the race.

After the race, we chilled out a while in the park shelter, and waited for the raffle and our goodie bags. Notice the red face.

I ate this as my post-race fuel…

And MJ and I won nothing in the raffle. My dad came, didn’t participate in the race, and still somehow won something. Seriously.

Sore losers that we were, MJ and I threw away our raffle tickets.

In an attempt to keep MJ motivated, I chanted “Cu-ban COFFEE!! Cu-ban COFFEE!!” throughout the race, so we of course had to make good on it.

We went over to Arco Iris (pronounced “ah-CO ee-DEES”, which means “Rainbow” in Spanish) for some authentic Cuban food (read: better than the best Cuban food you’ll find in L.A.!).

I started with some pan con mantequilla and cafe con leche.

And MJ had cafe con leche and an egg sandwich.

We got an order of croquetas jamon (breaded mash ham), but I only ended up eating one, gave one to MJ, and offered the other to my dad. It remained untouched.

Lastly, we split a papa rellena (mashed potato ball with ground beef inside) and thew a little hot sauce on top.

It feels like forever since I’ve had Cuban food that good. In L.A., I’ve been to Porto’s and El Floridita, and– while they’re definitely good– there’s something to be said about sitting down in a hole-in-the-wall cafe, drinking Cuban coffee (it’s not called a LATTE, Porto’s!! Stop the madness!) from a ceramic mug that you know has been around the block, and sitting next to an old couple arguing about god-knows-what in Spanish spoken so fast, they might as well be speaking Mandarin.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I missed the good ole’ stuff. And I definitely worked it off preemptively this morning.

Tomorrow morning, my mom goes off to work, my step-dad goes off to work, and my little sister goes off to school, so I’ll have the house to myself for the day. I’m thinking I’ll start with a little breakfast, some yoga, and then I’m OFF TO MY LASIK CONSULTATION!! Woohoo… I can start wearing my contacts again (I’m actually bringing them to the doctor’s to put on immediately after)!

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  1. Marge permalink
    November 22, 2010 12:50 pm

    A. Congrats!
    B. Your boobs look huge.
    C. Feel free to delete this. 🙂

    • November 26, 2010 8:37 am

      A. Thanks! B. It’s because they’re being smushed under two sports bras. They’re still the same size. C. NEVER.

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