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Come Run a 5K in Tampa with Me!

November 11, 2010

If you’re going to be in Tampa on November 21st, you should come out for the Ameriprise HungeRun at Al Lopez Park. It’s a 5K run/walk, starting at 8:30am.

If you decide to come, you’ll get to see these shining faces…

MJ and I during Memorial Weekend

The registration is $25, and they ask that you bring a nonperishable item to donate to Feed America.

For more information or to register, click here.

The Workout

I met with Trainer Erika last night, and she gave me some add-ons to leg-lifts that I do every so often. If the words below are purple, that means there’s a link to a picture.

  • Get on all fours. Lift your right arm and left leg. Keep your arm lifted, and raise your leg up and down. Do 25 reps. Switch arms and legs and repeat for another 25 reps.
  • Put both hands on the floor and bring your leg out to the side (like this, but with your arm down). Lift your leg up and down. Do 25 reps and switch legs.
  • Lift one leg and bend it (like this, minus the weight). Slightly lift your leg up and lower to its original position. It should be less of a lift and more of an up-and-down pump. Do 25 reps.
  • Repeat the three exercises once more for 2 sets total.

My butt and hips are S-O-R-E today!

The Eats

Remember what I said before about having the occasional food fail?

Soo… this is what happens when you make waffle batter with absolutely no butter, and then skimp on the greasing of the wafflemaker.

You get waffle mulch.

But despite the fact that my breakfast looked like something a four year old got a hold of, it still tasted really good– with only a little drizzle of syrup on top. I think I need to go back to the drawing board with it, though. I’ll post the recipe when I’m a little less embarrassed by the outcome.

On the upside, I went for a Grande Bold at Starbucks, and the cute barista upgraded me to a Venti… gratis. 🙂

Please observe this behemoth cup o’ joe. After drinking it, I was running around the office, completely bezerk. My boss would ask me to do something, and I would literally BOUNCE out of my chair to do it. Note to self: never drink that much caffeine again.

For lunch I made a chicken and red pepper wrap. This time I used just the right amount of stuffing for the wrap, and the tomato sauce and fat-free feta on top were perfect. The chicken and red pepper were cooked in a teaspoon of Garlic Gold, Italian seasoning, and some red pepper flakes for a little heat.

That’s all folks! My back and neck is a little sore from training, so I may be taking the night off from yoga. Just lots of stretching.

Have a great night!

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