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(Almost) As Good as Cake Batter

November 4, 2010

The Workout

Erika and I did some major ab work last night, and I was glad for it– it’s been a while since I’ve woken up to sore abs. We did a couple variations on the plank position. Note: You probably should do this on a yoga mat. I did it on carpet (gym carpet no less… YUCK), and I now have attractive rug burns on my forearms.

Here’s what we did:

If the words below are purple, click on them for an illustration.

1. Get into plank position. Slowly rotate back on your arms so that your butt sticks up in the air (like this). Move back into plank position. That’s one. Do 20.

2. In plank position, slowly move from being on the balls of your feet to just the tip of your shoes, which should push you forward slightly. Then return back to your original plank position. That’s one. Do 20.

3. Hold plank for 30 seconds.

Steps 1-3 make for one set. Repeat for 2 sets total. 3 if you’re ambitious.

The Eats

Ever since I first helped my mom bake, I’ve had an obsession with eating things raw. Not disgusting things like chicken or beef– but raw baked goods. Biscuits. Cookies. Brownie batter. And my hands down favorite— CAKE BATTER.

So I was pretty excited when I saw a post on Kath Eats Real Food about how her blended oats reminded her of batter. I decided to make my very own bowl.

I just bought some rolled oats that are incredibly mushy once cooked, so they made a good base. I nuked a bowl of the oats the night before, stirred in some vanilla and cinnamon, and stuck it in the fridge overnight to cut down on morning cooking time.

In the morning, I put the oatmeal, a sliced frozen banana, more cinnamon and vanilla, and 1/4 c each of nonfat Greek yogurt and skim milk in the blender and gave it a whirr.

While it’s no cake batter, it still tasted delicious. Definitely a recipe worth repeating.

The topping? More of the good ol’ Trader Joe’s Country Pumpkin Granola.

The (mini) spread:

Another idea I got from Kath is to mix a little pumpkin butter in my coffee. Why the thought never occurred to me before… I don’t know. I put about 1/2 a tablespoon in, and though it didn’t do much to sweeten it, it gave it a little seasonal spice. 🙂

I’ve been drinking my coffee black and a little bitter lately, in an attempt to keep sugar out of my daily diet (fake or real), and I’m actually growing to like it. I drink really bold coffee– French Roast– and I always put more than one scoop of grounds per cup of water, so it’s even more bold.

I actually ordered lunch today! We got lunch from a place called Hugo’s. Nothing on the menu particularly stuck out to me, so I went with the Create-a-Plate– which in retrospect is a bit of a rip-off. $17. For lunch. Unfancy lunch.

But at least it tasted good.

I got roasted sweet potatoes and yams, steamed veggies, and turkey meatballs in a mushroom herb gravy. Gravy tends to be a less healthy option, so I went with a light drizzle.

When I bit into a meatball, I found little pignolis! I’ve never seen pignolis (aka pine nuts) used in meatballs before, so it was a pleasant surprise.

It was a lot of food, so I was able to save half for lunch the next day. Makes me a little less mad about spending $17+ on lunch.

For dessert… this little guy. I bought a bag of organic Granny Smiths (after reading that apples are among the most easily contaminated when not organic), and they’re teeny tiny– a little smaller than a baseball.

Look for It Tomorrow

It’s cooling down tomorrow! No more 90+ degree heat in NOVEMBER. So I’m turning up the heat with a little spicy Mexican(ish) food.

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  1. November 5, 2010 11:03 am

    I love raw pastry things as well! In my WW day they had this recipe for ‘cake in a mug’ and I use to pretty much cook it 70% of the way and loved the raw center. Those were my stage 2 not so healthy days…..

    I am not going to lie though, I really think that raw meat (red) looks appetizing. I know this is very gross, and I would never act on it – but it just looks yummy to me. Perhaps I am part bear.

    • November 6, 2010 3:46 pm

      That cake in a mug thing actually sounds kind of good… :X
      And I’ll admit, a medium-rare steak with a red center looks pretty delicious.

      BTW, Yogurt Stop in West Hollywood has cake batter frozen yogurt. It’s been my replacement for Cold Stone since I moved out here, and it tastes just like real cake batter. 🙂


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