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Weekend with the Pops: Over in a New York Minute

November 1, 2010

I’m back in LA, and I have to say, the short weekend in NY was definitely needed. I’m a little tired from the travel and the constant go, but I have plenty of time for sleep. The fact that I survived with nothing more than a slight sniffle is a miracle!

So here’s a recap of our last two days in the city:

My dad and I met up with Marisa, a friend of mine with whom I interned last year:

Jimmy Kimmel Live Christmas party in '09

We met up at this healthy restaurant called Energy Kitchen, which I happened upon when I Googled breakfast places near the hotel. It was pretty neat! None of the items on their menu are over 500 calories, they use egg white in their omelettes, and they display calorie counts for everything.

Marisa and I both got oatmeal, hers with bananas and dried cranberries, mine with bananas and blueberries.

And Simon got a bison egg wrap. He said it was good, but “there were way too many egg whites, three would’ve been better than five.”

After breakfast, we went back to the Meatpacking District and headed to Chelsea Market.

My dad went nuts over a certain olive oil used at dinner the night before, and he was told he might be able to track it down there. No luck with the olive oil, but I got a bottle of cinnamon pear balsamic vinegar from The Filling Station. Look for that in a few salads coming up soon. 🙂

Lunch was around the corner at Pastis, owned by the same people who own Balthazar, where we had lunch the day before. I had Eggs à la Basquaise, described as “Poached eggs w/ creamy polenta, peppers, onions and prosciutto.” It was really rich, so I was glad it was a smaller portion. I tried some of Simon’s fries, also. A little too greasy for me, but they tasted really, really fresh.

Oh yeah, and I got a baby pumpkin cupcake from a vendor on Madison Avenue for dessert. A pumpkin cupcake with a piece of candy corn as a topping = my dream come true.

After lunch, we headed to Niketown for Simon’s appointment at the NikeID studio. He designed a really cool red, black, and grey shoe with his initials in green in the back.

I got these beauties. Even though I’m a little tired today, I’m NOT too tired to take them out for a test run after work!

I met up with my blogfriend Caitlin for coffee in Little Italy, and then my old college room mate, Kinsey, met up with my dad and me for dinner. I didn’t get pictures of either meet-up, but I did get a picture of dessert back in Little Italy… stracciatella and chocolate gelato.

After dinner, I met up with two LA friends, Jon aka “Mosh” and Noah, who are producing a pilot out in New York. We went out in East Village, and I ended up leaving early. Simon makes me get up reallll early to start the day.

Jon and I. Noah’s shoulder is on the right. Jon wore a hot dog costume that was made for a 7 year old.

On Sunday, we went straight to Niketown again, because the sole of the only pair of shoes my dad packed fell off. Since the shoes he designed the day before take a month to produce, he had no alternatives. But on the bright side, he got the grey and bright orange shoes he was drooling over the first time we were there. Second silver lining to his bad luck this weekend.

Afterwards, we had breakfast at a Czech cafe (is Czech the correct proper adjective?), and I got a yogurt parfait (soooo authentic), and Simon got a ham ‘n cheese panini. Lunch was at the airport, where we went our separate ways– me back to L.A. on a 6 hour flight, and him back to Tampa on a 2 hour flight. And it was a long 6 hours.

I jumped on the scale this morning, just to see how I did eating-wise. I basically ate what I wanted when I found something on the menu worthwhile, not caring much about calories. And you know what?

I didn’t gain a pound. I actually lost one.

I chalk it up to the obscene amount of walking I made Simon do. We easily did 15 miles. Which explains why the soles of his shoes fell off.

Look for It Tomorrow

I’m back in L.A., so it’s back to cooking! I’ll come up with something good for you. 😀

How was your Halloween? What did you do?

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