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The Best Kind of Social Networking

October 24, 2010

Breakfast yesterday morning was dee-licious… but I think I need to work on cooking sausage a little better.

I made a spicy chicken Italian sausage, but I didn’t cook it enough! I ended up just cutting it down the middle and splitting it open to cook faster. The Egg Beater, spinach, and tomato omelette was great, though.

I topped it with some light cheese and used a dollop of nonfat Greek yogurt to dip.

What? You can’t have dessert after breakfast? Nonsense! Brown rice cake + Pumpkin butter.

Lunch was so much fun! I headed over to Santa Monica to meet up with other LA-area Healthy Living Bloggers. They came from all over and met up at Real Food Daily, a vegan restaurant. I’d been wanting to try RFD, and it was just as good as I’d imagined it.

The gang– some chatting, some snapping photos of their food to blog later. 🙂

My lunch: Thai salad! As I’ve said before, I’m usually not a big salad person, at least as my meal’s main show, but this hit the spot. It was light, but heavy enough where I polished off about half and was full.

Instead of a workout yesterday, I went on a 5-mile walk through Santa Monica and Venice Beach.

Muscle Beach anyone?

Not a bad view for 5 miles, I’d say.

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  1. October 24, 2010 7:50 pm

    That walk along the boardwalk has got to be one of the most entertaining views in LA! So many odd/interesting things to look at.

    Glad you had fun at lunch!

    • October 24, 2010 8:57 pm

      It was my first time walking down there, but definitely not the last. Entertaining is definitely the word I’d use!

      And yes, lunch was a blast. I can’t wait for the next one!

  2. October 24, 2010 9:10 pm

    I’m excited for our next meet-up!

    • October 25, 2010 10:02 am

      Me too! Saturday was so fun. 🙂
      PS… I’m loving you (your?) and Andy’s blog.

  3. October 24, 2010 9:15 pm

    It was so nice meeting you at lunch yesterday! I look forward to following your blog!

    • October 25, 2010 10:05 am

      It was great meeting you also! And congrats on an amazing 12 miles. 🙂

  4. October 25, 2010 7:07 pm

    Gorgeous walk! So lucky that the sun FINALLY came through!

    It was fun meeting up with you and the rest of the crew… and you got the best photo of all- unposed and with people taking photos of food- I wanted that shot! 🙂

    • October 25, 2010 8:14 pm

      I’m e-mailing you the original! And I had so much fun, also! Can’t wait to meet up again.

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