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Pumpkin and Truckin’

October 18, 2010

I bought a pumpkin at Trader Joe’s last week, forgetting that I really, really wanted to buy one from a pumpkin patch this year. No matter. I went anyway.

So many Pumpkins!!

After going aisle by aisle. I decided on this one.

Just kidding. That was my “I don’t like this one” face.

This one was the winner! Much more practical a pumpkin. And pretty 😀

Afterward, we headed to another food truck festival, but this time there were TWENTY-TWO food trucks! It was so packed, though, that we only had time to hit up three trucks. Our first truck took a total of TWO HOURS to get our food out. We were so starving by the time our food came that there was zero talking through the first pieces of food– just scarfing.

So many people! And this was only one aisle…

The spoils: arancini (Italian breaded rice balls filled with mozzarella and salami with marinara dipping sauce), Italian sausage ‘n peppers sliders, two kinds of Asian dumplings, and sticky rice, split between the two of us. Not pictured: 2 dosas we got from the Dosa Truck. We were so full that we maybe took 2 bites from each.

This morning I went for a run… and I got rained on! So after only a mile, I had to turn around– nobody likes a water-logged iPod. Here’s hoping I can squeeze in some yoga later on.

After my failed run, I made good on my promise to Shamus, whose birthday was last weekend, that I’d bring him Rosco’s Chicken ‘n Waffles takeout for breakfast as his birthday present.

A place known for fried chicken and waffles… not exactly the easiest place to find healthy options. But luckily, I did.

A scrambled egg with a little hotsauce and a buckwheat waffle with a light drizzle of syrup and pumpkin butter (that I brought with me). The lighting isn’t the greatest– Shamus sits in the dark to watch football. It’s a little weird.

He ordered fried chicken and a waffle. I tried a piece of chicken with a syrupy bite of the waffle– and it was kind of delicious.

Apparently, the football game was getting really intense, so Shamus clutched a football as a kind of coping mechanism. I’m more of a baseball fan myself, so I just kind of sat, watched, and laughed a little. And then left him to his game while I went grocery shopping.

… and that’s all folks!

Look for It Tomorrow

I’m aiming for an AM workout– providing I can fall asleep early enough tonight. And lunch tomorrow is a healthier version of some food truck munchies I devoured last night.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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