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Oh Cereal, You’re Delicious

October 14, 2010

My mom sends THE BEST care packages.

This one contains candy corn (already gobbled down), a candy corn chew toy for Dakota, witch hat-shaped doggie treats for Dakota (I though they were people cookies at first!), Starbucks gift cards (getting used starting tomorrow!), my sorority’s magazine, a Vega smoothie mix, a Vampire Diaries pen, and a candy corn plate.

And it came with a note. ❤

My mom’s care packages are the best! They’re a perfect combination of random things I don’t ask for but suddenly realize I need (like the Pee Wee Herman doll she sent last year 🙂 ) and things that I always need that she knows I don’t even have to ask for (candy corn, duh). This made my day!

The Workout

Trainer Erika kicked my butt last night! We stepped up an ab exercise I’d done before, and with this extra step, I’m feeling a serious burn today– it’s great for your obliques and butt! I thought I’d share it with you:

  1. With a bosu ball or stability ball, get into a plank position— hands on the bosu or stability ball.
  2. Pull your right knee up until you lightly touch your right elbow, then lower it back down to plank position.
  3. That’s one rep. Do 25 reps on the right, then switch to the other leg. 25 reps on each leg is one set. Try for 2 sets.

Tip: If you don’t feel you’re ready to do it on a bosu or stability ball, try it out on the floor first– then work your way up.

The Eats

I was going to make some more pumpkin oats with banana fro-yo this morning, but the cereal I cracked open yesterday is so good… I needed more!

I poured in a little pumpkin granola and topped it with the banana fro-yo. The fro-yo wasn’t a bad addition, but I think it’ better as an oatmeal topper. Because the cereal’s cold, it doesn’t get melty like it does with the oats. Still delicious, though.

Lunch WAS going to be spicy BBQ chicken (hey, there’s always tomorrow), but I decided I was more in the mood for something meatless. I ended up making lentils with tomatoes, zucchini, and spinach that were simmered in a balsamic wine sauce.


It was pretty good, but I think next time I’ll add in some mushrooms and a shallot. I’ll post a recipe when it’s a little more perfected. Shallots and ‘shrooms aside, I still gobbled the whole thing.

My low-card lunch was made not low carb, by eating it with a slice of Ezekiel bread with some reduced-sugar blackberry preserves.

For dinner, I made a salad: spinach, carrots, roasted zucchini, fat-free feta, and turkey.

I like salads because you can eat a lot– so they’re super-filling without being a ton of calories– and because you can make plenty of varieties to keep things interesting. BUT, I think I need to resolve myself to the fact that I’m not a salad-as-a-main-course type of person. They’re so easy to throw together that I just can’t help  but try one more time. Nope. I need something else as the main show.

All in all, the salad was tasty. I threw in a couple of tablespoons of balsamic vinaigrette and shook it around in its container to mix it all up.

Yoga is tonight! Hopefully I don’t end up sore for days like I did when we had a substitute instructor!

Look for It Tomorrow

I think it’s time for a different kind of salad– some CHICKEN salad. I’m pretty excited about breakfast, too! Imma use that Starbucks gift card. 🙂

Now off to yoga… have a great night!

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