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More Oats N Ice Cream… and My Running Playlist

October 9, 2010

It’s so gorgeous out today!

Wish I had a better view from my balcony…

The view from my bedroom’s a little better. Can you spot the Hollywood Hills? They look pretty cool at night when they’re all lit up.

And I swear I didn’t edit this photo at all… the sky really is that blue.

The Workout

I made it 3 miles today!

Gettin’ up there, slowly but surely, and the knee’s getting better every day– no brace needed!

It was a crisp 65 degrees outside, so I started out with a light jacket. I probably should’ve worn more than just a sports bra underneath, because I had to strip off the jacket after mile 1. I ran past a man who threw his fist up in the air in a “You can do it!” kind of way, but then I realized it might’ve had something to do with me not wearing a shirt. Hmm.

My running playlist is a little over 2 hours long (no, I don’t run long enough to listen to it all the way through 🙂 ), and I shuffle it up after every couple of workouts to keep it from getting too boring.

Here are my top ten songs, in case you’re short on “runspiration”:

  • “Yeah Ya Know (Takers)”- T.I.
  • “Memories”- David Guetta f. Kid Cudi
  • “Remember the Name”- Fort Minor
  • “Play”- David Banner
  • “Believe”- The Bravery
  • “Sabotage”- Beastie Boys (the yelling part always seems to come when I’m most tired.. it’s a good boost!)
  • “Bombs Over Baghdad” (Rage Against the Machine Remix)- Outkast f. Rage Against the Machine
  • “She Hates Me”- Puddle of Mudd
  • “She Wants to Move”- N.E.R.D.
  • “Turn My Swag On”- Soulja Boy

The Eats

The eats are going to be slim today, unless I can somehow take pictures at the BBQ I’m going to later. I still feel weird taking food pictures at parties. :/

I’m out of coconut water, so OF COURSE that means I needed banana soft serve for my post-run potassium boost, right? Right?!

So I took an idea from The Edible Perspective and made berry oats with almond butter ‘n banana soft serve. Hers looked way better (and I’m sure tasted amazing), but I think that when it comes to food, the taste is really what matters most!

Today’s gluten and dairy-free (if you use gluten free oats) breakfast is dedicated to my mom… because the oats came out purple— her favorite color. 🙂

In the oats:

1/4 c Scottish oats + 3/4 c water + capful vanilla extract + dash of cinnamon

In the banana soft serve:

1/2 frozen banana + >1 tablespoon raw almond butter + capful vanilla extract + dash of cinnamon

I promised myself that if I could wait an hour for coffee, I’d treat myself to a pumpkin spice latte at the Starbucks by Target. Sooo worth the wait!

I’m off in search of some pumpkin beer and a bottle of wine to take to my 2 BBQs, and then crossing my fingers that I’ll make it to my friends birthday later tonight.

Look for It Tomorrow

Lots of cooking and baking!

I’m going to attempt to make pumpkin gingerbread fudge, pumpkin coffee cake (for my online baking exchange buddy), and dinner for a guest.

Have a great Saturday, and check back tomorrow for lots of goodies!


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