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Dakota’s Sick as a… Well…

October 2, 2010

Dinner at Street last night was to-die-for. The place was packed, so my dining companion and I sat at the chef’s table– best decision ever. They kept bringing us things we didn’t order, just so we could try a few new things. The sashimi and fruit-lentil-ginger salad were amazing. We shared a bunch of small plates, and I think my favorite was the Kaya Toast. It was a coconut jam sandwich that you dip in a fried egg-soy sauce mixture. It was the perfect sweet and savory combination, and I had to come home and find a recipe for it. I’ll be making it soon, for sure!

This morning’s run was postponed due to very sore hamstrings and a very, very sick puppy. I’ve been stuck indoors taking care of her and stretching my sore muscles.

But I did have time to cook up a breakfast that I adapted from a couple different recipes. First, I got a pretty good pancake recipe off Mens Health’ s “Delicious Ways to Cut Carbs” List, and the only sub was just one egg instead of two.

Grinding up oats, cottage cheese, an egg, and some cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla for the batter.

The topping was an adaptation from A Healthy Tipping Point’s Sweet Breakfast Burrito filling. My subs were: 1/2 tablespoon of honey instead of a tablespoon of syrup, ready-made pumpkin pie spice instead of the individual spices, and I added a capful of maple extract.

Then I topped it with a little pumpkin flax granola.

The final product:

The Workout

Once Dakota stopped being a sick puppy, I managed a nice run, followed by some core work from my new yoga DVD. And then…

Food Trucks!

Thrillist had a food truck festival today, and for $5– which was donated to Meals on Wheels– we were able sample food from 5 food trucks, down all the Bacardi drinks and Dos Equis we could drink (I managed 3… but I blame it on the necessity for ice-cold drinks and lack of bottled water available!), and a mediocre rapper to give you ambiance music. The food was out of this world, and the portion sizes were small, so I got to try food from all the trucks– and even though some of them weren’t the healthiest, it was a small enough portion where it didn’t make me feel yuck.

The line seemed kind of long, but it actually moved pretty fast. I was really impressed with how well-organized the whole event was. Sidenote: Look at that gorgeous California sky. 😀

Bacardi Limon ‘n diet in hand, we headed to The Dim Sum Truck first and got a pair of dumplings. Out of all the trucks, I think this one was my favorite.

Next up, this time with Bacardi Limon and sweet tea (a strange combination, but it’s free– I’ll go with it), we got a spicy beef taco topped with mandarin oranges from The Komodo Truck.

The third stop was a little on the heavy side. The guy at the Lardon Truck called it a “pocket taco.” It was bacon trying its best to hold together mashed potato and cheese while you figured out how to dip it in the gravy. Tasted great, but this was definitely a one-time thing.

The fourth food truck, Dante’s Fried Chicken, ended up winning the competition. I’m not really sure why, since we waited in line for about 45 minutes for this little dumpling (beef with banana slaw on a buttermilk biscuit) that, while good, was definitely not the best.

Since we waited at Dante’s for so long, we almost didn’t make it to the Frysmith Truck in time, but we did it! We ended up grabbing a bite from their last batch.

Even after eating from all the food trucks, we didn’t leave feeling stuffed. It was just the right amount of food– and I managed to eat and drink my way through $5 for charity.

Afterward, we stopped by our friend Will’s house for a barbecue. Well, we came for the conversation. We were fooded out! And in retrospect, I probably should have pulled down this dress a bit before the picture. I promise it wasn’t really this short.

I’m lying on the couch beat from being in the sun all day. Must. Go. Out.

Here’s hoping for a second wind…

Tomorrow brings another Cuban breakfast adventure, maybe a baking adventure, and a gym adventure somewhere in between. Have a great Saturday night!

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