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Making Like Spiderman

September 26, 2010

So lunch in Santa Monica turned to beers in Santa Monica turned to coffee in Santa Monica turned to watching people do acrobatics while wearing glow sticks in Santa Monica. Needless to say, there was a shortage of photographable eats. But so fun!

This morning, though? Back to the eats.

I made a veggie + sweet potato + egg skillet. I meant to use some feta too, but I forgot. Served it with a slice of sprouted wheatberry bread with light cream cheese + reduced sugar blackberry preserves.

I didn’t even kid myself today. I had coffee.

Though I was a little disappointed with my run yesterday, I woke up with only the slightest soreness in my hip flexors. So even though I need to work on my cardio endurance, it’s a relief to know my muscles can keep up– as well as my bad knee.

On to the rock climbing adventure!

I headed to Rockreation in West LA with a few friends this afternoon, and all I have to say is… I’m hooked.

Mike caught me at a weird angle. I somehow managed to look way buffer and way scrawnier than I really am.

Climbing buddies.

My turn!

And a butt shot. The blue bag in the back was loose chalk for sweaty hands. At first I got cocky and thought “Ehh.. these hands? These hands don’t sweat.” Wrong I was. After the first climb, I needed to be chalked.

I made it to the top! I ended up doing this wall 3 times, the next two taking “color paths,” or paths where you stick to only one color, where each color is a different level of difficulty. I then tried a wall that had an inverted part (where it juts out and you have to fight against gravity even more!) and then cooled down with an easy route.

I’m worried my forearms are going to be a little sore tomorrow. I meet with Erika the Trainer. Here’s hoping all that downward dogging in yoga’s strengthened my lower arms.

The after-climb snack was a puffed-kamut cake (first time trying it– no salt, very lightly sweetened, and slightly less crispy than a rice cake) from Whole Foods topped with pumpkin butter and something else that will remain a surprise until tomorrow!

Dinner was out on the town, and I got breakfast: an egg white veggie omelette and a side of strawberries. It was dee-lish, and the evening’s activity included watching a live podcast recording, as well as my fellow diner winning a copy of this.

Tomorrow I’m using kamut in place of another common staple, and I tried my own twist on a Cuban side dish I’ve been dreaming of since lunch with Will last weekend. Stay tuned!

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  1. September 26, 2010 3:08 pm

    Yay! Rock climbing! I’ll definitely have to check in to see how that goes.

    Glow stick activities are always fun, photos or not. Always good times.

    • September 26, 2010 11:48 pm

      I wish I’d had a camera for the beach-rave thing. It was definitely a sight (in retrospect, my phone has a camera).

      And rock climbing was a blast!

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