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September 19, 2010

I’m on Twitter now!

If you tweet, follow me and I’ll follow you back! My username is pfitphealthy. I’m pretty new to Twitter, so if you have tips… consider this my cry for help.

Up through the early afternoon, this hasn’t been my healthiest of eating days, but with a late afternoon run on the books (first time in a week after giving the ‘ole knee a break!) and a healthy dinner planned, it’s all good.

Today I grabbed some brunch at Porto’s in Burbank with my friend Will. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Los Angeles, it has every country covered when it comes to food: Mexican, Brazilian, pretty much everywhere in Asia, Ethiopian, Tunisian (no, really), and plenty others. But one type of food that’s seriously underrepresented just so happens to be my favorite: CUBAN!

Luckily, Porto’s alone makes up for it. I got a guava and cream cheese pastry, a sweet plantain stuffed with black beans, and a cafe con leche. I had them sub in skim milk, and it tasted so good I drank it unsweetened. Will had a ham and cheese omelette of a croissant and coffee cake, so I of course had to try a bite of each.

The food was great, and it was so nice to catch up with a friend. Will works in social media, so I also got to pick his brain a little about how to make Pretty Fit, Pretty Healthy, Pretty Happy bigger and better. He gave some great advice!

I’ve had frozen yogurt on my mind for quite a while, so after a few hours of errands, I caved. Instead of driving to the one I usually go to, though, I decided to walk to one that just opened by me. According to MapMyRun, it was .62 miles each way, so I power-walked uphill to the store and strolled back downhill, yogurt in hand.

Nonfat mango cheesecake and almond fro-yo, topped with mochi, granola, blueberries, and a few pieces of cookie dough. 🙂

Today’s run is going to be a bit different. Rather than my original plan to jog a couple of miles, I’m going for sprint intervals. That means I’ll jog for 2 minutes, sprint for 30 seconds, rest for 1 minute, and repeat for the whole 2 miles. Wish me luck!

Arriba arriba!! Mexican for dinner!

Blue corn soft taco with a sauteed shallot, tomatoes, and spinach, chicken sausage, and topped with some nonfat Greek yogurt (try it instead of sour cream, it’s great!) and a little guacamole for some healthy fat. And, of course, there’s some hot sauce sprinkled in there. 🙂

I got a few shots just as the sun was going down.

The most delicious, red, juicy strawberries for dessert. They were huge!

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  1. September 20, 2010 7:32 am

    Those strawberries are HUGE! They look sooo good. Yummm!

    • September 20, 2010 9:22 am

      They are! I splurged and got them from Whole Foods… and now I’m spoiled!

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