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Doing It, In the Biblical Sense

September 14, 2010

Okay, okay, I already know where your head’s at. I made BREAD like they supposedly did in biblical times. One-ingredient, organic, slow-made bread. It took me three days, and here’s how it went:

Over the past few days, I’ve been sprouting some wheatberries I bought at Whole Foods.

Love the bulk section of Whole Foods!

I put about 2 cups of wheatberries in a bowl big enough to add plenty of water. I assumed the wheatberries would be absorbing a lot of water, so I made sure there was more than enough, and then some.

Then I covered it with some foil to keep light out. Hey, I’m trying to sprout them, but not grow a plant! 🙂

After the first 12 hours, I took the wheatberries out, rinsed them, and then added the same amount of water.

Can you see the beginnings of sprouts?!

After doing the rinse-and-rewater thing for 3 days, I took the wheatberries out and put them in a food processor. To sweeten the bread a little, I added 2/3 cup of dates. Since my food processor is a bit small, I had to process in 2 batches, adding a 1/3 cup of dates into each batch. And… I forgot to take a picture of it.

So then I formed it into a flat, round loaf, putting some grits on the bottom (I err… didn’t have cornmeal like some of the recipes suggested).

I baked it for 2 1/2 hours at 300 degrees, and out it came!

A look inside a slice:

Not bad for a first try, but I think this recipe needs a little doctoring. It’s VERY crunchy and tastes like bran cereal. But I kind of like it. Sounds like a good breakfast sidekick…

… which brings me to breakfast this morning. I brought an egg!

Alright, there was a little more to breakfast. But I was amazed that it made it all the way to work without a crack. I’ve made microwaved eggs before, but today I wanted to try the microwave equivalent of a fried egg. I started by breaking the egg and poking the yolk (or you’ll have yolk fireworks in the microwave). Make sure you cover the eggs.

Nuke it for 30 seconds, check on it, then nuke it for another 30. That’s it– you’re done. I meant to bring my olive oil spray to prep the bowl, but I forgot it. Turns out I didn’t need it!

So here’s the whole thing: some heirloom tomatoes with vanilla fig balsamic vinegar drizzled over them, one nuked egg with feta on top (I used way too much and ended up dusting a lot off), and two small slices, halved, of my sprouted wheatberry bread with some raspberry preserves on top. I decided it was okay to buy another Starbucks grande bold rather than make coffee today, seeing as the nice accountant at work bought me mine yesterday. If it’s free, it doesn’t count… right?

This morning’s workout was a little less intense, since I’m meeting with my trainer tomorrow night. I swam some laps at the gym (more on swimming tomorrow).

Mmmm I love me some BBQ. Today for lunch I had spicy BBQ chicken, asparagus, and half a sweet potato with cinnamon and AB sauce (almond butter + almond milk) on top. Another pluot made for a sweet ending.

I’m not sure I’m asparagus’ biggest fan. Today I ate them with no seasoning, so I’ll have to work on how to make them a little tastier. The chicken came out well. I used a meat mallet to hammer out two small chicken breast tenders (about 4-5 ounces), brushed each side with a dab of BBQ sauce, sprinkled it with Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning (Mrs. Dash Italian Medley or Garlic & Herb mix are good too), and added a few drops of sriracha to give it a kick.

Today’s snack is an apple pie Larabar.

I like Luna and Balance Bars, and I try to keep one in my purse on weekends in case I’m out and don’t have a healthy snack/hold-me-over option, but the ingredient list on them is a bit daunting (see for yourself: Luna Bars, Balance Bars). Take a look at Larabar’s ingredient list:

Six ingredients– pretty impressive.

Dinner is leftovers from yesterday’s scallops ‘n ‘sprouts– and I’ll probably throw in another hunk of my crunchy sprouted wheatberry bread with some pumpkin butter.

Au revoir!

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